Jim Plonkey, Natural Replacements Founder

Jim Plonkey


Jim Plonkey is a Co-founder of Natural Replacements. A digital marketing professional with a passion for sustainability, Jim lives in Southeast Michigan and enjoys traveling to new places, spending time outdoors - kayaking, hiking, and gardening, and yoga.

As Jim started to learn more about more sustainable alternatives to common products, he found it exciting to share opportunities with his family and friends.

He quickly came to realize two things:

  1. How easy making these positive changes is when you have the right information
  2. How common misleading information is within this industry

Being a marketer, he decided to embark on the journey that became Natural Replacements, focusing on providing helpful information and encouragement to those who have an interest in living more sustainably.

He considers himself a life-long learner and he views Natural Replacements as a great opportunity to continue learning and expanding his knowledge on all things sustainability.


"My experience in eco-friendly products and general sustainability comes from embracing every life experience as a learning opportunity. Enjoy the trial and error, don't beat yourself up when you're wrong but rather use it to grow.

Meeting new people, going to farmer's markets, networking with other eco-friendly businesses, and countless hours of research have helped me grow."


Jim has a degree in business administration, with a focus in accounting as well as several digital marketing certifications.

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Jim Plonkey, Co-Founder

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