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As a growing brand or someone with a new side hustle, you may be conscious of natural ingredients and eco-friendly credentials of your products. But, what about your delivery systems and shipping supplies? Are you offering the best possible eco-friendly packaging to meet the expectations of your clients and customers?

There Is A Growing Demand For Sustainable Packaging That Suppliers Need To Match 

A recent survey from Trivium Packaging showed that as of April 2022, more younger consumers than ever before were keen to support businesses using sustainable packaging. While 57% of those asked said they were less likely to buy products in harmful packaging, an impressive 86% of those under 45 would actually pay more to be sure of an environmentally friendly alternative. This was up from 83% the previous year. Beyond that, 74% showed an interest in refillable packaging, and 68% said that sustainability concerns have driven product choices in the past 6 months. 

Now that so many consumers are keen to seek out brands that provide greener options with sustainable materials, companies must listen to this demand. But it’s important to do so honestly, greenwashing as a business owner is not only unethical, but even if done unintentionally could do serious damage to your business.

We all need to look for the best way to deliver for customers – both figuratively and literally. With that in mind, here are 5 helpful ways to make a difference. 

Consider Green Shipping For Your Business

1) Think About How Individual Items Are Wrapped And Packaged

Sustainable packaging and materials start with the product itself. It can be very disappointing to find companies that pride themselves on natural ingredients and a greener conscience but then shrink-wrap items individually in plastic.

Plastic-free packaging is a must these days, whether that means relying on metal tins for cosmetics or simple cardboard boxes with no superfluous packing inside. 

2) Look For Eco-Friendly Materials When Putting Those Orders Together

Once you have multiple items in one box or bag, you still need something in there to protect them from damage during transit. Bubble wrap is problematic due to the amount of plastic involved, as are standard packing peanuts.

However, did you know that there are corn-based peanuts now that melt in water and are safe to use? There are also plastic-free wrappings that are highly protective, including sheets that look like the inside of corrugated cardboard.

They may be more expensive but, as mentioned before, buyers may be willing to pay a premium if they know they will get this service. 

3) Don’t Forget About The Bags and Boxes Used To Mail Them Out

This is an area where a lot of companies can do better. Traditional mailing bags are terrible because you have this mass of plastic to rip into. This feels contradictory when ordering plastic-free products. You even find environmental charities sending out newsletters in plastic wrapping.

The better option is to use eco-friendly mailing bags, such as the compostable/biodegradable models. Customers will appreciate these because even though they are single-use, they aren’t as wasteful and will break down quickly. 

4) Look At Ways Of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint On The Road

This is a little trickier depending on the scale and budget of the business. Yet, many companies are working on carbon-neutral deliveries by reducing the carbon footprint related to shipping methods. The shorter the journey and the greener the transportation method, the better. 

5) Consolidate And Group Items To Reduce The Number Of Packages

Finally, there is this simple trick to use when customers place multiple orders. You can reduce the need for extra packaging or pointless journeys by consolidating orders.

You might have to hold off on delivering one that is in stock to obtain the others, but the short delay is worth it to get all the items in one neat little package. It requires some efficiency and planning at the warehouse, but customer satisfaction should mean more orders in the future. 

The Right Eco-Friendly Shipping Packaging Does Make A Difference 

As with any green venture, all it takes is careful consideration and small steps in the right direction. At Natural Replacements, we have worked hard to implement our own eco-friendly shipping practices to make a difference. 

  • We never use plastic packaging and source earth-friendly products.
  • We reuse and repurpose as much packaging as we can from boxes to padding to ties and bags.
  • Our promotional materials are all made from natural seed paper that compost and grow flowers.
  • We do our best to consolidate and group orders to minimize unnecessary transportation.
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Feel good about the products you buy

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The demand for better eco-friendly shipping supplies is only going to grow, especially now that consumers appreciate the quality and plethora of options out there. There really is no excuse for lazy shipping methods and excess plastic anymore.

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