Eco-Friendly Home Checklists

Checklists are a great way to analyze how sustainable your home is, while also identifying areas where you can make your house more eco-friendly.

We’ve put together several checklists for you to use in an effort to make your home more sustainable. These are just lists of some ideas, so we made them available for you to download, modify, and make them your own! Or you can simply print them as is.

We’ve broken down the checklists into three different groups:

  • Categories – These are the area of your home that you aim to improve and make more environmentally friendly.
  • Type – This is how you would have to implement these changes, either a purchase, habit, or installation.
  • Focus – These checklists can be helpful if you have a certain area of sustainability that you want to focus in on first, which could be something like water waste, trash production, or energy.

We’ll list these all out below for you. But, if you want to dive right in and get the full checklist including all of the above groups, you can do that as well!

Download & Print

You can make a copy of this checklist in Google Sheets, allowing you to customize however you see fit. You can also print a copy from Google Sheets once it’s copied if desired.

View the sheet first and make a copy via File > Make a copy or simply click the “Make a Copy” button below.

More Specific Focused Checklists to Browse

Sustainability Focus

Areas of Your Home

Implementation Type

Want to Live More Eco-Friendly?

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